What direction should my Ceiling Fan go in the winter?

In the 1880′s after the invention of electricity, the first ceiling fan was born and became the first real electrical appliance.  Then in the late 1940′s with electricity at a super low cost and the air conditioning intro, ceiling fan needs some what disappeared.

The rebirth of the ceiling fan occurred when energy costs began to rise at an uncomfortable rate in 1974.  As these costs rose especially air conditioning prices, Americans began to search for alternate methods of heating and cooling.  This brought out the forward and reverse direction of the ceiling fan to increase efficiency during the winter and summer months.

In the Summer the Ceiling Fan should be rotating counter clockwise

The effects of a ceiling fan in the summer months are directly related to the well know wind chill factor.  By producing a breeze or wind chill, a ceiling fans downward airflow can make a room with a thermostat setting of 78 degrees feel like 72 degrees.  The actual thermostat in the room will not change, it does not cool the room, people in the room will feel the wind chill effect making them more comfortable.

This will save from 30% to 40% on air conditioning bills.  So, make sure during summer months that your ceiling fans are rotating counter clockwise pushing the air down.

In the Winter the Ceiling Fan should be rotating clockwise

Ceiling fans are generally associated with warm weather usage.  However, when a ceiling fan is in the reverse motion (winter mode), the upward flow of air will push the warmer air trapped at the ceiling back down to earth making your feet feel as warm as your neck.  With out a ceiling fan pushing the warm trapped air the ceiling of a room would be 15 degrees warmer than on the floor.

winter ceiling fan direction

To avoid wind chill in the winter warming the ceiling fans should stay on low speeds at all times.  Remember that in the reverse direction the ceiling fan should be pushing the air upward.

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  1. Freddie says:

    This is a great resource. I don’t think most people realize the benefits of changing the directions of your ceiling fans, based on the seasons.

  2. James McNamara says:

    It really helped with the picture with the fans blades rotating.

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